News: Version 1.2 of Allatori Java Obfuscator is released.

  1. Allatori Java Obfuscator belongs to the second generation obfuscators' family and has all spectrum of opportunities on protection of your intellectual property. In the Allatori arsenal there are the following protection methods: name obfuscation, flow obfuscation, debug info obfuscation, string encryption, watermarking. The obfuscator is free for educational and non-commercial projects. The new version has additional configuration property 'random-seed', fixed method template matching, fixed classpath handling, optimized log file writing and optimized resource management. Allatori Java Obfuscator web site and demo version download

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  2. compared to other java objfuscators[ Go to top ]

    what are the advantages of this one?
  3. Who needs obfuscators?[ Go to top ]

    In the Java world community which is dominated by Open Source products: who really needs obfuscators? Who has "intellectual properties" to defend (and himself uses the communities open source)???
  4. Re: Who needs obfuscators?[ Go to top ]

    Well if you want add some security to your custom classes packed in jar, obfuscator is needed. For example, some banking stuff.
  5. Re: Who needs obfuscators?[ Go to top ]

    If you are doing "some banking stuff", I would hope that you trust your client and that your client trusts you. Basically, your point has no value. That is a completely different problem domain.