News: Atomikos Transactions Essentials 3.0: open source JTA/XA

  1. Atomikos has made the new release (3.0) of its core transaction engine available in open source form. Called "Atomikos Transactions Essentials", JTA/XA transactions for JDBC and/or JMS are now available for free (apache-licensed) with optional commercial support, consultancy and training offered by Atomikos. The download contains the full documentation and working demos, including integration examples with Spring. To download, check out this page.
  2. Please point me to the docs where you mention how I could tweak my applicationContext file to include Atomikos...or a made up example would suffice
  3. Hi, Did you look in the examples/spring folder? It shows the XML configuration for Spring in both JDBC and JMS cases... Guy
  4. This is good news! There are more and more options available for building lightweight enterprise applications...
  5. I found Atomikos Transactions to be a very nice product: easy to set up, slim, well-focussed, and with a pragmatic feature set. XA connection pool beans for JDBC as well as JMS are included, so it effectively comes with everything you need to make XA run properly for JDBC and JMS. Great to see it being available as open source product now! Juergen
  6. Why would I ditch JOTM for Atomikos? What would be a compelling reason?
  7. Why would I ditch JOTM for Atomikos? What would be a compelling reason?
    This is what I was wondering. Although I've come across JOTM in a couple of places and it seems to have its share of issues. An in-depth comparison would be useful. Where's Mike Spille when you need him (whatever happened to him)? :-)
  8. Why would I ditch JOTM for Atomikos? What would be a compelling reason?
    It really depends on what you want, both technically speaking and otherwise. Since I am probably biased, I will let others be the judge of technical differences. Maybe the most important (and objective) difference is the model: Atomikos has moved into the professional open source model for (some of) its products. That could be a reason. There is also the license issue, which is important to some people. Atomikos now uses the apache license v2. Guy