News: java.net Poll - How active are you in your local Java User Group?

  1. Sun Microsystems' Technology Outreach Group and java.net is posting a poll about Java User Groups. The question focuses around whether you participate in a JUG and, if you do, what role you take in it. If you belong to a Java User Group, then here is your opportunity to vote on the http://www.java.net homepage. SPECIAL NOTE: Sun will also be moving its JUG programs from http://developers.sun.com/jugs/ to http://community.java.net/jugs/ ....the java.net JUGs Community very soon.... Aaron Houston Program Coordinator Java User Groups http://community.java.net/jugs/ Java Champions https://java-champions.dev.java.net/ Technology Outreach http://developers.sun.com/events/techdays/speakers/index.html Sun Microsystems, Inc Menlo Park, Ca Message was edited by: joeo@enigmastation.com

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    There are butt load of developers out there with Architect certificates who even can not distinguish between layers. Is sun doing anything about it?