EJB programming & troubleshooting: Problem related to bean deployment in Weblogic Server 6.0

  1. Dear Friends,
    I have downloaded Weblogic server6.0. They have provided proper way to deploy the examples EJBs. Even I deployed my bean in their exapmle destination by using their build file.
    But as the destination path is too long to create a Bean , I want to crete bean in my own directory and for that I changed the entries in their Build file. But whenevr I execute that Build file , it gives error ...

    public interface MyRemote extends EJBObject not found
    ejbc found error........

    Please guide me how to resolve this problem


  2. Include the current directory in the classpath.
    My suggestion is make a copy of build file in the directory where u have u'r beans and before running build, run the setEnv in config directory.
    What changes have u made in u'r build.

    Hope it helps
  3. Thnks Saran for ur suggestion
    but Yes I did the same thing, i made a copy of build file in the directory where my java files r there and also set the environment and then only its giving that error.
    so any further suggetion?

  4. Hi,

    I cann't trace it out w/ the inf provided..
    Be sure to make all the environment settings..
    if u include the remote, home interfaces and ejb u written and build file then it's easy to solve...