EJB design: Please recommend me the best J2EE design pattern

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    Hello I decided to rewrite my J2EE application. This application will be installed on Websphere App Server 5. My application should return XML's (as String) from remote requests, probably by webservice/es . There should be 9 kinds of requests. Which design do you recommend me to use ? Please suggest a detailed suggestion, as like 1) how many webservices should i use ? 9 services or 1 ? 2) how many EJB's should I use ? What should they do ? 3) which EJB to use (Session ...facade... etc... ) 4) should i use JMS & MQ ? 5) How can I avoid memory leaks ? 6) Can you give me a known design name ? 7) etc.... Thanks !
  2. I would recommend you to go through the guidelines for details : http://java.sun.com/blueprints/guidelines/designing_webservices/html/ Adventure builder is the reference application http://java.sun.com/blueprints/guidelines/designing_webservices/html/ Bhagvan K http://www.jroller.com/page/bhagvank