News: Public beta of Gauntlet, Continuous Build/Automation Server

  1. Borland has released a public beta of Gauntlet, their new Continuous Build and Automation server. Gauntlet works transparently with existing version control systems to continuously analyze changes, promoting code to the main line only if it builds successfully and passes all gating tests. Virtual sandboxes confine problematic code until fixed, eliminating broken builds and limiting the impact of defects on other developers. The Gauntlet dashboard provides visibility and historical context for the entire development team, with both real-time snapshots and time series analysis of metrics like build performance, test results, code coverage, and project activity. Gauntlet also offers an open plug-in interface for custom and third party tests, enabling users to automate anything from simple source code analyzers like FindBugs or CheckStyle, to complex security vulnerability detection or license compliance enforcement solutions. Please note that the current trial download for Gauntlet is an early access release, to give developers a sneak peak at the technology and an opportunity to begin evaluating it early. A trial version of the official Gauntlet product will be available later this year.
  2. For reference, Gauntlet was the venture by Sam Pullara (now at Yahoo) and a few other ex-BEA engineers. Peace, Cameron Purdy Tangosol Coherence: Clustered Shared Memory for Java
  3. For reference, Gauntlet was the venture by Sam Pullara and a few other ex-BEA engineers.
    Parabuild Server is also a venture by an ex-BEA engineer (yours truly :) I don't know about now but back then BEA was a great place for an engineer to work at. Regards, Slava Imeshev
  4. It will be interesting to see how Borland's Gauntlet compare with JetBrain's TeamCity. Both offer similar features (delayed commit as most innovative).
  5. I want to know what light spots exist in Gauntlet, which not exist in luntbuild. Anyone?