News: Screen-scraping library Jagacy VT 1.0 released

  1. Screen-scraping library Jagacy VT 1.0 released (1 messages)

    Version 1.0 of Jagacy VT, a screen-scraping library written entirely in Java, has been released. The release includes support for VT100 and ANSI terminals. Jagacy VT includes a VT100 emulator designed to help create screen-scraping applications reliably and quickly. Jagacy VT can be used in a stand-alone application, in an applet, or in an N-tier client/server environment, where the screen-scraping server is the data/resource tier. Features include:
    • Small footprint (less than 110K). Runs efficiently within the Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs.
    • Can display the VT100 session in a window while an application is running.
    • Configurable using properties, if desired. No code changes necessary when screens change.
    What do you think of Jagacy VT?
  2. can't visit the homepage of jagacy[ Go to top ]

    the server is down?