EJB programming & troubleshooting: What refresh a collection of master detail CMP entity beans ??

  1. Hi all, i have a CMP Entity Bean whit a master detail relationship. My master CMP Entity Bean create a new detail Entity Bean, what refresh a collection of details in this master CMP entity beans to view the new detail created ??? I am using CMP 2.1 with toplink please help me!!!
  2. Hello, with CMP's entity beans you don't need to worry with data-flush, 'cause your container will take care os that for you.
  3. not in Oracle Toplink[ Go to top ]

    Hi, ok your sugestion, my CMPs in Websphere is fine in Oracle Application Server with Toplink as persistence manager NO. Its necessary deploy same component in Websphere and in OAS, change only permited in deployments descriptors. in Websphere ok in OAS with Toplink no. :-( Is this possible a bug of a toplink to CMPs ??