News: Sun to GPL Java? Honestly, we don't know yet

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    Rumors are swirling that Sun is planning to apply the GPL to the Java SE and Java ME editions. However, it's important to remember that it hasn't been confirmed or made official. Don't get your hopes up (or dashed) yet. There are a few things to wonder: not only which license will be chosen for Java (if there's a change at all), but what version of Java will it be applied to? What pieces of Java will be open-sourced? (Java contains contributed code, after all, and licensing of the contributed code has been cited as a reason that even the CDDL, JRL, and JUIL took so long to be put in force.) TSS will have the news as soon as it's formal and verifiable from Sun. We'll be talking with Sun later this week about it; in the meantime, feel free to suggest questions you'd like answered from Sun and we'll do our best to get answers for them.

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    Going GPL would certainly be a surprise move. It has all the slashdot kids giddy. As a company our stance has been to only use GPL whenever a valid alternative didn't exist. This policy was put in place after going through due diligence when raising VC money. We found the GPL stuff we used was just not worth the extra time and costs pushed on us to ensure compliance.
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    Going GPL would certainly be a surprise move. It has all the slashdot kids giddy.
    I believe it would only apply to the source not the binaries. Using the binaries would be much as it is today and have no impact on the current business use of Java.
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    If this passes and they choose straight GPL, we then get to start the conversations of what is a derivative work of the Java SE and Java ME editions. Start posts... NOW
  5. It appears to be a duel license with the source under the GPL and the binaries under the Apache license. If true this is fantastic for everyone.
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    I have used Java 10+ years. In last few years I start to worry about the future of java. Honestly, Java is still best language to choose. But the platforms, tools are bother me those years. When I started learn Java, it's Applet and AWT are main reasons which let me throw C/C++ away except some issues java can't handle. But today, Applet, AWT still poor performance, Swing even worse. Along web application replaces desktop application, Applet, AWT and Swing are used little and little. main reasons is client has to install JRE and poor performance. I am surprised, even Flash easy to use then Applet. Why sun can't create a lite "Applet" java version? Instead of creating a lite version, sun goes to create a stupid Java Web Start. How many non-IT people can use and install application use that!!!!!????? Go back to Web Application, Jsp let me enjoy for a few years. Jsp was advance than ASP or other CGI languages. But today, even PHP is good than JSP. You can see those platforms, struct, spring, JSF and EJB, none can offer rapid developement. Even Zope is beter than J2EE from some point of view. Sun really need to give Java freedom and let GPL Java give it second life. I hope I can have reason to use and love Java for another 10 years.