Performance and scalability: Help: seeking recommendations for an app server.

  1. Help: seeking recommendations for an app server. (4 messages)

    Dear People,

    I need help from you who had this problem before:

    I am seeking recommendations for a good production-class application server.

    Cost is an issue so any server on Bea´s and IBM´s range is definetely out of question.

    Thanks in advance,

    Christian Rauh
  2. Christian,

       Without knowing your requirements it is hard to make a recommendation. What works for me may not work for you at all. Anyway, checkout the following resource if you haven't already done so.



  3. I would go for Orion at www.orionserver.com. It's 1500$ / server.

  4. You can also consider Engine or Jrun
    (low prices)
  5. I am back on this thread because I am again in need of an application server but this time cost is not an issue.

    what you guys have used and worked?