News: Workflow engine Flux 7.3 released, with new workflow designer

  1. Flux Corporation has announced the release of Flux version 7.3, a Java job scheduling, file transfer, workflow, and business process management (BPM) engine, featuring a new Workflow Designer. Using this Designer, you can easily create and edit workflows using a drag-n-drop interface with only your web browser. The new Flux Workflow Designer boasts the advantage of a thin-client architecture. No Java, no Swing, just a web browser is all that is required to create and edit workflows. Screencast: See a 1 minute, 55 second screencast of the Web 2.0 Workflow Designer in action. Online Demo: Play with the Web 2.0 Workflow Designer with no registration or download required. Download: Download Flux 7.3, and try it on your own box. We want your ideas on Flux 7.3 and the Web 2.0 Workflow Designer. Please post your feedback at this blog entry.

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    Thanks David, Brian, Lillian, Eric et al on the great CS and ongoing improvements to Flux.