Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: RequestDispatcher..Can we Pass A Database Connection Object

  1. Can We Create a ResultSet Object in one servlet and pass it as SSI including it in a request.setAttribute ...to another JSP..,through RequestDispatcher and Utilise it.. I tried it Was Erroneous
  2. Hi, First: You shouldn't pass ResultSet Object between Servlet and JSP. I advise you look for about Patterns! DAO and FrontController being more accurate! But,,,,,,Why do you want this ?
  3. Thanks for the clarification[ Go to top ]

    I just want to know whether any heavy live reference can be passed to any other JSP's or Servlets..like a database Connection or a resultset Object through programmatically inside servlets.Anyway , Patterns Not Make in my Mind at that Moment,i will surely take care of it next time.Thanks 4 the Reply.