Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Creating a struts action-mapping to another contextpath in the s

  1. Hello folks, i´d like to create an action-mapping to a second contextPath in my server, for exemple: I´m in /server1/makeProccess.do and it must send a forward to /server2/attachInformation.do, and thoses servers are in the same machine. How could i map that in struts-config.xml? Regards, lottalava
  2. Firstly, why would you want to do that on the same server ? You are making the controller move from one context to another. Is using your Model code do the cross referncing a possibility ? If not ...... - Struts allows multiple modules of project. did you explore that option ? - Would a simple redirect or forward work ? sendRedirect() or forward() ? {You will not be able to get back from your second controller} - Using web services would be a good idea. Let us know what you finally implemented as a solution. -Vinant Pandey