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  1. JSF and Struts : how to work in same application (2 messages)

    Hi, My question: i want to use JSF and Struts together, both will handle request from clients. So in my web.xml action *.do faces *.jsf the problem is: when i request JSF page, there is an exception: faces servlet: illegalargumentException: wrong number of arguments. Can u help me on this scenario? how to properly config? or can not make it? THanks in advance JY
  2. Try to run your jsf application with a singe page. Once it starts working you will have no issues with plugging your struts stuff you may want. JSF usually does not work with first try like struts :) once started it goes on
  3. Struts and JSF in one WAR file[ Go to top ]

    Hi, I have same requirement.. I have an existing struts application.. I now have a requirement to develop new pages using JSF.. I want to have Struts and JSF in one WAR file sharing the data using Session when required. Is it possible? Thanks Kiran