News: Register for TSSJS-Europe by Friday to save $100

  1. Featuring white board sessions (collaborative opportunities to learn from your peers), 6 more breakout sessions, expanded focus on Spring, Ajax, SOA and Grids, and an extra hour of Birds of a Feather sessions, this year’s TSSJS-Europe is building on last year’s success and feedback from the community. Remember to register by Friday to save $100 on TheServerSide Java Symposium-Europe. The 2nd annual international TSSJS will be in Barcelona, June 27-29. Learn how to develop with agile techniques in a large teams and/or organizations. Get step-by-step instructions on integrating your website with Google Checkout. Explore the latest Security issues to prepare for when developing with Spring and Ajax. Go in-depth on test-driven development, and evaluate today's most useful tuning tools. TSSJS-Europe prepares you for the future of development with insight from the world’s most respected thought leaders: Hear from ‘Art of Java Development’ author Neal Ford, GWT founder Bruce Johnson, Spring leaders Rod Johnson, Adrian Colyer and Eberhard Wolff, Google’s Gregor Hohpe, Thomas Steiner and Patrick Chanezon and over 30 more of the development community’s most influential members. Vendor-neutral, with hands-on coding demonstrations, TSSJS-Europe offers an intimate learning environment unlike anything else in the enterprise Java community. Improve your everyday coding and design with practical lessons, best practices and techniques – Register now to join TheServerSide.com and hundreds of your peers at TSSJS-Europe. This Friday, May 18, the early bird deadline expires, as does your chance at a Sony PS3. Register now to save $100 and be entered to win.

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    Shouldn't the savings for TSSJS-Europe be listed in..hmmmm...say...Euros?
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    Yes dollers your r right
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    Shouldn't the savings for TSSJS-Europe be listed in..hmmmm...say...Euros?
    ... and since the dollar is of relatively low value against the euro now.