News: BFO Release Version 2 of the Big Faceless Java PDF Viewer

  1. Big Faceless Organization (BFO), has released version 2.8 of their acclaimed Java PDF Library, featuring a complete redesign of their PDF Viewer package. The new Viewer is designed around a pluggable architecture allowing it to be customized to function as a PDF Viewer or PDF editor. Further extensions can also be written for custom PDF workflows. The new release ships with components that enable forms to be completed, digital signatures to be applied or verified and more, as well as allowing the document to be saved – bringing some of Acrobat’s form completion features to Java Swing. The PDF Viewer is available with the Extended Editions of the Java PDF Library and Java Report Generator. View a demonstration of the PDF Viewer at http://big.faceless.org/products/pdf/viewer.jsp Download free fully functional trial versions of Big Faceless software from: http://bfo.co.uk/products/download.jsp
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