News: Flexess 1.0 Early Access Program Started - adds access management for Java

  1. Flexess is a component-based product which adds access management capabilities for Java applications. The solution allows to separate security aspects from the main application logic. The product provides the entire infrastructure starting from a tool, which allows creating an application security model to the web portal, which manages the assignments of the different access privileges to the users. Main features:
    • Security Modeling - Gives you possibility to create a model of the security features of the application. You can create a protected object Order, specify operations like "create", "read", "update", "delete" and provide constraints under which these operations are accessible.
    • Role-Based Access Control - All the security aspects are modeled in terms of Users, Roles and Permissions.
    • Parameterized Permissions - Permissions in Flexess are not strings, but can be parameterized with the attributes. For example, RegionalPermission has an attribute region and a constraint "Order.region=RegionalPermission .region". It means that this permission will be satisified, when the region attribute of Order matches the region attribute of the permission.
    • Authorization - The minimal code can be done for authorization. To check if the user is authorized to create an order, you will need to invoke check(userId,order,"create").
    • Authentication - Flexess provides an authentication module and can be integrated with existing authentication frameworks.
    • Web Administration - Allows you to manage users, roles and permissions through the web interfaces.
    • User Management - Maintains a database of users with customized user profiles.
    The early access release is available for download.

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  2. So, could you give some reasons for choosing your product over Spring Security?
  3. Our authorization model is more flexible. Flexess allows to create instance-level permissions (like the user may edit only his/her profile) in the UI editor and deploy and maintain the security model separately from the application. Flexess is not only a security framework. The product contains a web-based administrative application, which allows managing user-role assignments.
  4. Our authorization model is more flexible. Flexess allows to create instance-level permissions (like the user may edit only his/her profile)
    So does spring security/acegi.
  5. Not exactly. In acegi you need to implement a custom AccessDecisionVoter. Flexess provides a declarative language for describing such constraints(profile.userId == user.Id) and allows to change them without changing the code.
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    Does this product support LDAP integration? Thanks, Sergey
  7. Re: LDAP Integration[ Go to top ]

    The current EAP build does not include LDAP integration, but this feature is being implemented now and it will be definitely included in the 1.0 release.
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    Hi Ekaterina, is Flexess going to be Open Source? Thanks, Sergey
  9. Re: LDAP Integration[ Go to top ]

    No. But we are not going to get run-time fee for using this product.
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    Can integrate with CAS SSO server ? great job!