EJB programming & troubleshooting: How we can store cache data object at Business Tier in EJB/DAO?

  1. Hi, I want to store cache object at Business Tier in EJB/DAO. That object contains data, you can take example that I want to cache all country name and id which will use by DAO or EJB. How we can implement it? Statefull EJB will not used by other EJBs Regards, Maulik Shah
  2. You can always use a static object or singleton to cache the reference data at your business tier.
  3. your are attempting to do cache say results from a search on the "service/business" tier. I've had very good success with using EHCache, and OSCache for method level caching..EHCache/OSCache will use the parameters passed to it as a key for the cache entry... used Spring however and not EJBs, ..but it can still work with ether technology.
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    Can you please provide the some link or example for the same... i.e. using a static singleton object for caching Heavy data at the server end, so that we don't have to download it for every client call. Thanks, Sumit