News: XpoLog V3.0 Released - AJAX Log Analysis for troubleshooting

  1. XpoLog V3.0 is available for free download at http://www.xpolog.com We are happy to announce the release of XpoLog V3.0. Some of the new features are auto detection of J2EE application servers, Log Search and Analysis, new Dashboard for applications' risk correlation and anomaly detection on any log. XpoLog also supports log4j and java logging and have filters for most of Java exceptions. Find our more at http://www.xpolog.com
  2. Profile application logs and correlate with server metrics XpoLog release XpoLog 4.0 with automatic log analysis profiling and log management features. With plugins to logs on server side for testing and production. More info can be found at LogAnalysis.com The new version is available to download with these new primary features of XpoLog inside:

    - Automatic problem analysis and logs profiling
    - Log management for applications and server side
    - Proactive log analysis reports and alerts
    - Compare logs and build log index for errors
    - Optimization of log management for J2EE servers
    - Correlation of server metrics with log data
    - Automatic problem aggregation and report
    - Anomaly and statistical computation on logs
    - Analysis of Server logs, application logs and J2EE server logs
    - Integration to Jira, Bugzilla and other bug tracks
    - Profile application logs and correlate with server metrics