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    You know, it seems that I can't join a Java-centric discussion forum without headhunters constantly bombarding it with job-opportunity spam.

    So I have a couple of questions:

    1) Are there moderators here?
    2) If there are moderators, why aren't these IP addresses banned. Or at least only permit job-opportunity ads in a single forum which is dedicated to it.

    Personally, I am very tired of companies using these forums for their garbage.

    - Rick

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    I second that emotion...

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      I completely agree with your opinion here. We do moderate the forums, but sometimes posts escape us. When you notice specific spam, please email webmaster and we will promptly delete it.


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    Many thanks for your response and I'm glad to see that you guys don't approve. From now on, I will definitely do my part and point any such activity out to you. I know things get missed sometimes.


    -- Rick