News: EJBCA 3.5.0, J2EE certificate authority package, released

  1. We are proud to announce EJBCA 3.5.0, with enhanced features all over, both enterprise class stuff, and simpler stuff. EJBCA is an enterprise class PKI Certificate Authority built on the J2EE platform, and runs on multiple application servers and databases. It can be used in huge installations, as well as smaller ones and has all expected features of a CA both for out-of-the-box usage and for integration purposes. This is a major release with many new interesting features and framework improvements. Read the changelog for details. Notable changes in no specific order: - PKCS#11 interface to HSMs, support for Utimaco CryptoServer, and improved auto-activation of HSMs. - Much enhanced Webservice API for administration. - Import CA function supports HSM, possible to create initial CA on HSM and initial admin on smart card. - Soft CA keystores uses same framework as HSMs, possible to give private password to every soft CA. - New options for specifying certificate validity, per end entity, fixed date etc. - Possible to keep configuration/modifications in an external directory. - Possible to use different profiles in CMP RA mode. - you can now require approvals for revocation. - Support multiple email altNames in admin-GUI. - Option to choose reverse DN for a CA. - Root-less install, using custom SSL truststore for JBoss/Tomcat. - Lots of other small fixes and improvements, 69 issues resolved. EJBCA has everything needed for your trustcenter, including both community support and professional support from the authors.
  2. with enhanced features all over, both enterprise class stuff, and simpler stuff.
    I'm all about enhanced features to all my "stuff".
  3. It's very, very fluffy stuff, promise :-)