XML & Web services: Standalone app gets errors when accessing webservice using HTTPS

  1. Hi, I have a stand-alone java app, that accesses a webservice (on WAS 5.1) running on the same physical machine. The stand-alone app, does the webservice call using the stub classes created out of the webservice app. Issue: When I access the webservice, using a URL with the server name(http://axjcudft100.metlife.com:9081/DocRetrieval/services/GetDocService), everything works fine. But for the same service, when I use a HTTPS URL (https://dev.dcarchive.metlife.com:8440/DocRetrieval/services/GetDocService) I got a couple of "NoClassDefFoundError" exceptions one after the other. I added the following jars to fix them (1)runtimefw.jar (2)utils.jar (3)emf.common_2.1.0.jar, and still ended up with "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/websphere/models/config/ipc/ssl/KeyFileFormatKind", for which I wasn't able to identify any jar. I have two questions: 1. Is my problem really about not including correct jar files. If so, does anyone what jar file has 'KeyFileFormatKind'? Is there any other JAR I need to include? 2. I have the feeling that, the problem is something to do SSL (not really of including jars). Does anyone think so? Thanks for your help. Antony
  2. I am running into this same error right now did you ever find the Jar or resolved this?