News: eFace: XAML for Java, unified API for rich clients and web apps

  1. Soyatec has announced the availability of eFace, a library implementing XAML in Java. XAML is the basis for layouts in Windows Presentation Foundation, which attempts to "provide a consistent programming model for building applications and provides a clear separation between the UI and the business logic." XAML can be developed in a Microsoft environment, and eFace can use the XAML without any porting effort; only the business logic behind the presentation layer would need to be developed. The concept of eFace is fairly simple: implement the logic behind the UI (in Java), and use renderers to generate the actual GUI in whatever environment is available, whether it's Eclipse, NetBeans, or the Web. However, this release of eFace only comes with a SWT renderer. There's an obvious desire to have a web-oriented renderer (by Q1 2008). Soyatec says this on the differences between eFace and JSF:
    JSF addresses in practice only on the web application although theoretically it can handle the client rich application as well. But unfortunately, the client rich application is completely ignored by the JSF specification. However, eFace targets to cover both kinds of application transparently by providing an abstract UI library UPF and a XML descriptive language, which are compatible with WPF and XAML of Microsoft. Furthermore, eFace helps the reusability of UI resources between the two worlds: .NET and Java.
    eFace is scheduled to be available on October 10, 2007 with both a free edition and a commercial product. Pricing hasn't been determined yet.

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    Will free version be 'free as in beer' or 'free as in freedom'?
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    Please give your definition of the "free as in beer" or "free as in freedom".
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    Please give your definition of the "free as in beer" or "free as in freedom".
    A good definition can be found on Wikipedia: Gratis vs. Libre.
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    Thanks for inddicating the definitions. For now, it is "free as in beer", but it can be chnaged nest year as the second. To anwser Alex, we are considering the Open Source possibility.
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    Ok, thank you. We're very interested in WPF (we have even considered providing Java bindings for the Moonlight engine), but I personally HATE to use libraries without source code. Even GPL+commercial license is MUCH better.
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    Hi Alex, For sure, we can provide the source codes for our important customers under a license. OpenSource is open issue for now.
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    Are you going to open sources of the free edition?