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    With twenty-four members plus two spec leads, Java EE 6 -- or JSR-316 -- is officially underway, Roberto Chinnici presents a summary from the first meetings between the group.
    * Application client class loading - The Java EE 6 specification will clarify that classes and resources belonging to an application client are isolated from other modules present inside the same ear file. This includes other application clients as well as other kinds of modules within one ear file. In concrete terms, if you have an ear file containing, say, an application client and a web application, the application client won't have access to classes and resources inside the web application, and vice versa. * Pruning - The pruning process will be identical to the one proposed for SE and described by Mark Reinhold in this blog entry. The Java EE 6 specification will mark the following technologies as possibly being made optional in a future release: EJB entity beans, JAX-RPC, JAXR. The first two technologies have been effectively replaced by Java Persistence and JAX-WS respectively. The rationale for pruning JAXR is based on its limited use, which doesn't seem to warrant its status as a required component of the platform. * Content repository for Java (JSR-170) - The Java EE 6 specification will NOT include JSR-170 as a required component. * JBI (JSR-208, JSR-312) - The Java EE 6 specification will NOT include either of the JBI JSRs as required components.
    Read Roberto's complete post: http://weblogs.java.net/blog/robc/archive/2007/09/java_ee_6_platf.html

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