General J2EE: BEA-100049--Error: Error looking up session with id:id

  1. Hi All, I am using Weblogic as my Application server on UNIX. And iPlanet web server on Solaris. Now I am observing the logs namely, smserver1.log, smserver1.log, wl-domain.log. Following statement : #### <ExecuteThread: '5' for queue: '__weblogic_admin_rmi_queue'> This Log message coming every day 10-20 times. Can you tell me, What should be the exact reason? And is their any impact on the application performance (due to this). Can we Ignore this in production Environment? Thanks in advance. -------------------- Thanks and best regards, Phanikumar Y.
  2. <ExecuteThread: '37' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default'> > <Error looking up session with id:JLh2KnsVz4DL0nBBQ1S7W622mJQNcdTj1P5jvspf76r0nlhtZ2CR!868403947!767304123 java.lang.NullPointerException I too have same exceptions...