TSS feedback: Upgrading Chapter 6 of the book to JDEE1.2

  1. Upgrading Chapter 6 of the book to JDEE1.2 (2 messages)

    There are two beans in Chapter 6 of "Mastering Enterprise Beans" that contain the following code:

    * Get the description of our Bean by querying the SessionContext
    * and retrieving the application-specific properties.
    Properties props = ctx.getEnvironment();

    However the EJB 1.2 deprecates getEnvironment. The compile message say to use java:comp/sun instead.

    Can someone help me recode the Java statement to use java:comp/sun?

    Thanks in advance for all replies

  2. Hi Wardell,

      You should post this question in the EJB forum, since most of our members aren't reading the feedback forum so won't see this post.

    A suitable subject line for your post would be how to upgrade EJB 1.0 lookup code to 1.1 JNDI.


  3. Thanks for the tip. It has been reposted.

    My apologies for a misplaced post :-)

    Wardell - A Java newbie and loving it!