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    If someone writes a web app. on websphere, and the project does not contain any EJBs, only JSP-rendered HTML for the presentation and POJOs using JDBC for the business and data access, where will this application run? In the web container? J2EE container? Both?

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    HTMLs run in the Web container, JSPs run in the J2EE container, JSP must be compiled to a Servlet to run by Servlet container, J2EE container includes Servlet container, but Web container excludes this.
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    Let me clarify what Frankie said. HTML - Web Server (not container) JSP/Servlet - Servlet Container EJB - EJB Container JSP/Servlet + EJB - J2EE Container A container is a self-contained executable that manages resources and their lifecycles. So HTML does NOT live in anything called Web Container because HTML does NOT have lifecycle.