XML & Web services: Exception "role name Callback is not found" in BPEL web service

  1. Hi, I am trying to create a webservice client uisng the weblogic 9.2. The webservice is hosted on BPEL. I am geting this error on running the ClinetGen ant task on the WSDL link. ----------------------------------------------------------- [clientgen] Caused by: weblogic.wsee.wsdl.WsdlException: role name Callback is not found. [clientgen] at weblogic.wsee.callback.wsdl.WsdlPartnerLinkType.getPortTypeNa me(WsdlPartnerLinkType.java:76) [clientgen] at weblogic.wsee.tools.clientgen.ClientGenUtil.getJsCallbackServ iceName(ClientGenUtil.java:323) [clientgen] ... 18 more BUILD FAILED D:\buil-jar\build.xml:17: weblogic.wsee.tools.WsBuildException: Failed to parse WSDL ----------------------------------------------------------- Please le me know if you want to see the WSDL. Thanks.

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    Hi, I am not sure whether this could help you, i had similar prob but not in webservices. In build which jar files are you using ? may be check them Regards