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    i tried to deploy an EJB into WebSphere 3.5.
    I created the EJB in VAJAVA 3.5 and everything works fine
    in the Websphere Test Environment.
    After creating a jar and creating a deployment descriptor i tried to deploy the EJB in Websphere.

    Following Errors occurs:

    com.ibm.ejs.sm.client.command.ExecutionException: Fehler beim Publizieren der JAR-Datei.

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.client.RepositoryOpException.<init>(RepositoryOpException.java:51)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.client.command.ExecutionException.<init>(ExecutionException.java:63)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.client.command.DeployJarCommand.execute(DeployJarCommand.java:86)

    at com.ibm.ejs.sm.client.command.CommandManager$ExecutionThread.run(CommandManager.java:282)

    I don't know how to solv the problem, does anyone know or give me an hint.
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    At what point in the deployment do you get the error?
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    I got the error when i tried to deploy the EJB in Webphere in the Administrator Console.
    Thanks for replay.

    I've fixed the problem. I created a new deployable jar File in Visual Age and with the new jar File. With the new jar File i start to deployed the EJB inWEbphere and it works.
    The created EJBB in WebSphere works now.
    The first jar file maybe didn't have a correct descriptor file.