EJB design: Transfer Objects pattern and JPA persistence

  1. Transfer Objects pattern and JPA persistence (1 messages)

    Hi, does this pattern (DTO) become obsolete due to replacement of BMP/CMP by JPA? JPA acts now as POJO objects so I don't see any reason why to create (generate) another entity tree for data transfer between application and JEE components. Is my assumption correct or am I missing something? (Only reason for this may be in data transfer cost - so object for data transfer may be just subsets of JPA's entities - but this is just for really special cases - normally - it's one of the design goals to create those JPA's entities already 'efficient' enough.) Thanks for any note. Y
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    so - after one day looking for the answer I found this great article so I think I have it: http://today.java.net/pub/a/today/2004/08/05/ejbnewlife.html Y