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    Without a doubt, the feedback we get the most about TSSJS is "I just can't get to Vegas!" You're excited about the speakers we've invited, you really want to be at the sessions we've lined up, you've heard all about the conference for years, and you want nothing more than to meet me. (Is something wrong with you?) That said... "travel budget" is a phrase that just isn't in your vocabulary. So, we're making it a little bit easier, with the first ever TSSJS Free Hotel & Travel raffle. Here's how it works - Fill out the form. Register for TSSJS. That's it - You're entered to have TSS.com cover your travel expenses: Roundtrip airfare from wherever you are, and three nights at The Venetian (one of the unburned major casinos in Vegas, even.) Your contact info will only be used for this, and will never (ever, ever) be sold. [Editor's note: unless someone offers me a LOT of+++CONNECTION TERMINATED] Here's the fine print: The raffle is open only to new attendees and will close on March 10. Your registration fee must be paid before your travel arrangements can be booked. Trust me - It's a totally different experience sitting in a room listening to one of these experts speak (and following up - in person - with your questions after), than scanning the presentation slides, waiting for the videos to be posted, or hearing about it secondhand. Plus, you've got nothing to lose (unlike when you're actually IN Las Vegas). Enter the raffle now, then register for TSSJS. Good luck - and see you there.
  2. If I win, I can't wait to meet the bunch of you guys! :( I never get a chance to go there. *sigh* Best regards Richard L. Burton III
  3. Do we have to fill out the form AND register for TSS to enter the lottery ?
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    Do we have to fill out the form AND register for TSS to enter the lottery ?
    You can enter the raffle without registering for TSSJS, but if you win, you can't collect until you register. Ashley Graham-Wilcox Marketing Manager, TSSJS