EJB programming & troubleshooting: Sharing in-memory objects between two web apps on Tomcat 5.5

  1. Hi, We had a single web application which handled a visitor portal and an agent portal. We separated out the visitor portal and services into different web applications on the same application server. I need to set something in memory by one application and have the other application pick it up. We are using an in-memory cache to store these in-memory data structures. How can we access the in-memory data structures from the other webapp. It should be possible since they are in the same JVM that Tomcat is executing. We are using Struts2 for the frontend and Spring beans for the services and backend. Could any of the Tomcat/app server Gurus recommend how to solve this problem. Thanks!!
  2. you share the context within the same tomcat container.... Make changes in server.xml .... using crossContext="true"
  3. Hi, I think one can try using database for storing some data that can be shared across web application, if all web application uses the same database. Thanks, Guddu http://freesourceutilityhelp.googlepages.com