XML & Web services: How we can make a XML application compliant to Xerces1.3.0.

  1. Hi All, I'm using xerces 1.3.0 in our application. we are passing a XML input to the flatClient which process with the input XML and generates XML output. During the process when i reached to the line where we are making a doc object and trying to append result with that, i'm getting the exception. it is not able to append the child Node where it is not permitted. It is done in older version of Xerces but i n'm using the newer version of that is 1.3.0. so i need to make it XML compliant it instead of using older version. But how thisd is the question? Please give me some clue to make it resolve. Regards Rajivnayan
  2. Hi, Without the code and exact Exception it is hard to guess what's wrong. Are you sure you're trying to append a child to a Node type that supports it? For instance, you can't append childs to attribute nodes. Please check if the nodes you try to append are of the same document (implementation). If not, first import the Node with document.importNode() Maybe you can match your exception with the API doc, see http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/org/w3c/dom/Node.html#appendChild(org.w3c.dom.Node) Good luck, Ivor