News: Codice Software Donates Plastic SCM to Help Ethiopian Orphans

  1. Codice Software - makers of the PlasticSCM revision control system - says that a Swedish charity is using PlasticSCM as part of Codice' software donation program to help orphans in Awassa, Ethiopia. The important thing here is to recognize the social contribution, something that many companies already are willing to do already - but it's often not acknowledged publicly, and it should be. PlasticSCM is a distributed revision control system, that propagates branches such that change control is easy to manage even from laptops that aren't connected to the network all the time, as PlasticSCM will upload and download branch changes when it's able to. (There's a free evaluation copy for download, if you're interested.) Thanks, guys, on behalf of people in need everywhere.
  2. how does it compare to GIT? Do you share some ideas presented by Linus Torvalds here : http://youtube.com/watch?v=4XpnKHJAok8