EJB design: PDF to be opened in the same window

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    On loading a jsp, i'm calling a script And in this script i'm using document.location.href = "a URL" this URl opens up a PDF file, now this pdf opens in a new window, I want the pdf to be opened in the same window as the jsp. Please help me to correct the code.
  2. this works fine for me;)
  3. hi, if goal is to send a PDF document to browser from server, then ther is another way of pushing PDF dopcument rather than this pull technology using JavaScript. You can very well send a content of type PDF document to browser from server , to be shown on broswer. if u r interested in learning how, then i can propably help. some interesting facts about design patterns can be found at http://context2designpatterns.googlepages.com
  4. Please can you elaborate the 'other way' to push something form the server? Whether it is a PDF, or any other file? My understanding is, if it is URL or if you are dynamically rendering a file, it should come from a server no matter what.