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    We're building a standalone application which uses an embedded Jetty app server to provide a web based configuration and administration console. The nature of the application is such that we would expect users to build their own 'plug in' extensions to the platform which they would deploy onto the server. We'd anticipate that tese extensions would be built as standalone Jar or War files and would contain: * Classes which extend classes provided by the core application * Classes which need to communicate with classes provided by the core application * Classes which provide function unique to that extension * JSPs, HTML, Images, CSS etc to provide the configuration front end for the extension From this description it seems that the classes must run in the same VM as the core application (to allow communication) , and must be deployedin the same app context within Jetty (to allow core JSPs to include extension JSPs and each to refer to the other). This seems to suggest that some method for merging (and unmerging) WAR files dynamically at run time as extensions are deployed (and undeployed) would be necessary. Can anyone recommend a framework or approach to this challenge which would make life easier ? Is this a muddleheaded set of requirements ? Thanks Dave
  2. by the way this component Eval taglib lets you evaluate JSP's even from the outside of your web app tree.