News: tinyPM 1.1 Agile Project Management Tool Released

  1. tinyPM is a new agile project management Java web application implemented using JBoss Seam Framework, JSF and JPA/Hibernate. The tool comes with:
    • support for iterative software development
    • requirements based on user stories
    • prioritized backlog management
    • task board with drag and drop for easy story tasks state management
    • wiki
    Full tinyPM feature list can be found at http://www.tinypm.com/overview Free tinyPM community edition can be downloaded and installed on Tomcat 5.5.x/6.0.x servers.

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  2. Pricing[ Go to top ]

    19 EUR per user per month. You got to be joking.
  3. ??[ Go to top ]

    Do you mean 19 is too cheap ? Or it is too expensive?
  4. It's kind of expensive[ Go to top ]

    Given that JIRA (commercial edition, which is roughly feature-equivalent but more powerful in some aspects) cost $1200 with one year of support with unlimited users, a price tag of 1140 EUR is kind of high.
  5. Way too expensive[ Go to top ]

    1140 EUR per year limited to 10 users. Way too high. With that price tag I am not even investigating.
  6. too pricy[ Go to top ]

    Yeah, too pricey. I demo'd it on the live version and I like it. No way I could get approval for that kind of cost!
  7. high price tag[ Go to top ]

    I like it. but it has a very high price tag!!!! I am not sure if anybody will dare to invest that amount of money ... and to make it worse it is yearly!!!!!
  8. Java web application implemented using JBoss Seam Framework, JSF and JPA/Hibernate.
    Is 'tiny' the right indication for this tool?
  9. Is 'tiny' the right indication for this tool?
    The 'tiny' refers to the simplicity we have in mind when developing the tinyPM features as we don't want it to become a system bloated with some useless functions you use once a year, but rather a set of features you can use everyday but which won't attract you for a long time - so no long hours spent on your PM tool. However I think the 'tiny' could also refer to a webapp itself. The first thought might be that this cannot be something tiny nor light if it uses JBoos Seam, Hibernate and especially JSF stuff. But it is... we've stripped most of the heavy functions. We don't use SFSBs, just POJOs. We almost got rid of RichFaces and try to use our own JavaScript functions with Prototype and Scriptaculous. The app can be deployed on Tomcat, no full J2EE server required (we don't use the EJB3 embeddable container either). This is a ongoing process, but with each release we make the application as light as possible.