EJB programming & troubleshooting: Weblogic5.10 build problem (w/ ref. to Richard Kenyon's answer)

  1. Hi,

      I make no reference to the rt.jar file in my build . My build merely consist of the following :

      <com & it's subsequent sub-directories is where my Java files are compiled to, META-INF contains my xml>

      javac -d .\ *.java
      jar cv0f hello.jar META-INF com
      java -classpath %CLASSPATH% -Dweblogic.home=c:\weblogic weblogic.ejbc -compiler javac hello.jar hello_ejb.jar

      Is there a way of making it point to "rt.jar" instead of the "...\rt\jar" problem ?

      And how do I "set the JDK1.3 stuff" ? I fail to apprehend your statement. Please can you re-phrase that ?


    - Umesh
  2. hi,
       it looks like a problem in the build script you have not pointed the jar file at the correct location. if it finds the jar file i think then it won't say this error. if this doesn't work..please reply


  3. Hi ,

       the rt.jar file is not a part of the build file. it is supposed to be created during build and deleted autmatically after the deployable jar file is created.

    - Umesh
  4. Try installing the latest service pack for wls5.1