Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Problem in creating an XML document on the server, from Servlets

  1. We Have written a servlet that will generate an XML file using
    domWriter class. We intend to create the file on the server.

    In the FileOutputStream we have given path for creating new file as
    "c:\......xml", so while running application from Client work stations it
    is not able to create new file on the server.

    But, if i run application from the machine on which Java Web Server is
    installed (ie., the server machine), the file is generated successfully.

    So we want to know whether the method of specifying the path in
    FileoutputStream is correct or not; or is there any other problem.

  2. try with the path:"c:/...". I think it will do.
  3. Hi
     I am having the similar kind of problem. I am using JSP and Java Beans. When we make it a pplication the XML file is generated and when its bean and the request comes from brwser the XML is not generated.

    FileOutputStream out= new FileOutputStream("C;\....xml");
    PrintStream p = new PrintStream(out);

    //Database routine
    // Make XML file

     If it a application then I can do the transforamtion using XSLT but when it bean nothing happens and no exception is raised.