News: What's New in Seam 2.1 - An interview with Peter Muir

  1. In this podcast interview, Peter Muir previews some of the upcoming features in Seam 2.1, including support for GWT and Wicket, improved security enhancements for identity management, permissioning, and single sign-on, as well as better support for RESTful application development. A transcript is also available.

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  2. Hi, I am using Seam since 1.X and I am pretty satisfied with the framwork. We use version 2.0 and also 2.1A in production environemnts without any problems. The combination Icefaces/Seam/EJB is great and so simple. The possibility to use (not only for authentification) an LDAP server is a great idea. I am looking forward for this. Georges
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    Seam 2.1 still without support for maven (integration testing)!
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    that blows...the support for maven was something i was getting jazzed about.