Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Weblogic 9.2 JSP compiler is not working for complex datatype

  1. I have a jsp, to show data inside complex collection type with generic, I just find that the compiler seems not able to handle such complex type. you could try the following java code inside your JSP. Map>>>> dog = new ConcurrentHashMap>>>>(); Hope somebody know if it is Weblogic JSP compiler problem.

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  2. Syntax error?[ Go to top ]

    Is this really the code you wanted to post? Because what you write here and what appears are different, thanks to the angle brackets. Please confirm whether the code you wrote is as follows: Map>>>> dog = new ConcurrentHashMap>>>>();
  3. it is syntax error[ Go to top ]

    sorry, angle brackets is wrong. the below shall be correct one, it is working without error. Map>>>> dogs = new ConcurrentHashMap>>>>()