News: A RESTful Core for Web-like Application Flexibility - Part 4

  1. REST provides a means to treat software development as the manipulation of a collection of resources. In the conclusion of their four-part series, Randy Kahle and Tom Hicks describe REST programming at the logical level and discuss some logical level design patterns available for application design using the RESTful resource-oriented computing principles. Read the article

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  2. REST is the future?[ Go to top ]

    Kudos on a very good and insightful article on what I believe to be the next technological trend in the software IT programming industry! REST will further bring web apps and desktop apps closer together with a common ROC architecture. I especially enjoyed Part 4, the logical discussions, especially being a software programmer myself. Having said that, watch out for the following HOT technological trends :- 1. REST 2. Ajax 3. Web services and SOA