EJB design: Coarse-grained and Fine-grained objects ???

  1. Coarse-grained and Fine-grained objects ??? (4 messages)

    can anybody please tell me what exectly mean by coarse grained and fine grained objects or EJBs??

  2. Coarse-grained: A few ojects hold a lot of related data. Example: A single "Account" object holds the customer name, address, account balance, opening date, last change date, etc.

    Fine-grained: More objects each holding less data. Example: An Account object holds balance, a Customer object holds name and address, a AccountOpenings object holds opening date, etc. There are relationships defined between these objects.

  3. Best defination http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fine_grained
  4. The choice between using Coarse-grained and Fine-grained objects may become an issue when defining EJB interfaces. Fine-grained interfaces work better in a typical OO design; however, coarse-grained interfaces are often utilized to reduce network "chatter".

  5. best difination http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fine_grained