News: A Scalable, Transactional Data Store for Web 2.0 Services

  1. The Scalaris system provides a comprehensive solution for self managing, scalable data management. Scalaris and similar systems may be an important core service of future cloud computing environments. The authors describe how to use Scalaris to provide transactional Web 2.0 services like those needed for Internet shopping, banking, or multi-player online games. Read article

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  2. Is there any query capability in it? e.g. list / iterate all that has the value = 'xx'? How does it work / perform?
  3. Persistence?[ Go to top ]

    What about data persistence? What if the whole cluster crashes?
  4. ?[ Go to top ]

    What does "Web 2.0 Services" mean?
  5. No replies == dead tech[ Go to top ]

    Looks like this was just another meaningless piece of self-promotion on someone's part ... it's always hard for me to understand ignoring the customer.