TSS feedback: need help for downloading Ed Roman's book "Mastering EJB"

  1. hi,
    I have been trying to download the free donloadable copy of the book titled "Mastering EJB "by Ed Romand from Resources.
    when i am trying to open the downlaoaded file it gives me a message saying "Cannot open file: not a valid archive format".

    is there any other place where i can find some useful info about EJB.

  2. Dear Friend,
        You feel difficulty in downloading this book because your system does not have "Acrobat Reader". So please check it out

  3. if you need more information about EJB and design patterns you can try ibm redbooks website at www.ibm.com/redbooks
  4. Hi there
    send me u r Email ID
    i will send u copy of that and copy which i am having is
    having print option enabled.
    u can mail me in s dot manoj at zensar dot com

    Manoj Sharma
  5. could u plz specify the url as i am also intrested in the book

  6. hello
      send ur id i will send u the book(pdf format)
  7. hello
      send ur id i will send u the book(pdf format)
    my id :duttagoutam at hotmail dot com