News: LogDigger updated with authorization and Log4j settings override

  1. LogDigger servlet library v0.3 has been released yesterday. The most important changes include:
    • Authorization interface have been provided to allow use of LogDigger only if certain conditions are met, making LogDigger usable in production environments.
    • Logging level set in LogDigger extension for Firefox overrides default Log4j settings for submitted HTTP request without effect on other log appenders.
    Visit http://logdigger.com/2008/12/22/authorization-and-log-level-change for additional information about the update. General information and download can be found at http://logdigger.com/

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    Seems to be an interesting project. Though on the web site it is mentioned to be FREE to use, but could not find the exact license under which it is released. Thanks, Vinod http://blog.vinodsingh.com/
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    You're right. LogDigger is free but we still didn't publish license text. We'll correct this in the following days and post info on our site.