I have a spring application, where i am reading a database constantly and putting filtered data in some other database. App is ready and now i want some other application (may be written in java, php or .net) to manage the execution of this application (I am new in web service), I am trying to integrate axis2 in spring app. I have one business class extending the Thread class (Singleton): [CODE] public class BusinessObject extends Thread { // ... some code here private static BusinessObject obj; private volatile boolean goAhead = false; private BusinessObject(){ } public static BusinessObject getInstance(){ if(obj == null){ obj = new BusinessObject(); } return obj; } public void run(){ while(goAhead){ // ... some code here to read the database and update another database. } } public void stop(){ goAhead = false; } public boolean status(){ return goAhead; } // ... some code here } } [/CODE] I have one service class extending ServletEndpointSupport [CODE] public class ProcessManagerService extends ServletEndpointSupport { // ... some code here BusinessObject bo = BusinessObject.getInstance(); public String start(){ if(!bo.status()){ bo.start(); } return "RUNNING"; } public String stop(){ if(bo.status()){ bo.stop(); } return "NOT-RUNNING"; } public String status(){ return ( ( bo.status )?"RUNNING":"NOT-RUNNING"); } // ... some code here } [/CODE] I exposed 3 methods: start(); // to start the process in thread (i just want a single thread) stop(); // to stop the thread status(); // check the current status of that thread i also configured in services.xml that this service will have shared access for all clients [CODE] Application [/CODE] but seems like still something wrong with the design/application.. it starting the thread but stop and status method not working.. can someone please advise how can i achieve my goal. Regards Mubeen