News: Teamwork 4 beta, web based project management software, availabl

  1. Teamwork developers are pleased to announce the availability of Teamwork 4 beta. Teamwork is a web based Java project and groupware application, running on Hibernate, and release 4 extends project tree management with JBPM-based business processes. New features cover also full text search (extending Hibernate Search), iCal, Subversion and Twitter integration. Teamwork is made entirely in Java, runs on JDK5/6, Tomcat (and compatibles) and a relational database. Teamwork intentionally does not take the line “less features” currently so fashionable, but instead is feature and integration rich, with an effort for offering such functionality through a usable interface. In version 4, the web interface has been restructured, introducing in place multi edit for most objects; you also get more powerful web parts for custom dashboards, and friendlier administrative tools. In particular project trees and issue multi editing have been empowered. The agenda section now integrates with iCal (hence Outlook, Entourage, Mail …) and with Google calendars. There is a new “resource planning” section, and time sheets can be generated from Subversion commits (thank you SvnKit!) and Twitter posts. A free trial license and a multi platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) graphical installer for the beta can be downloaded here: http://twproject.blogspot.com/2009/01/teamwork-4-beta-available.html . We also give free licenses for reviewers: http://twproject.blogspot.com/2009/01/free-teamwork-4-user-licenses-for.html . Teamwork is presented on this site: http://www.twproject.com . For feedback there is a forum: http://www.twproject.com/forum , and user voice can be heard at http://teamwork.uservoice.com . Hope to hear your feedback, regards, Teamwork staff
  2. As you know theserverside.COM is a website for discussing Java technologies . I think it would be great, to know if you support any of the following: 1)Integration with Source Control Systems (so that S/W developer check in againts a particular assigned task) 2) Integration with popular IDE 3) How could one extend your tool , using Java. Nagraj Tech Proj Manager
  3. Thank you for the questions. Well, Teamwork is more an example of usage of many java technologies forming a wie scoped, scalable and usable application. Coming to the specific questions: 1)Integration with Source Control Systems (so that S/W developer check in againts a particular assigned task) Teamwork is integrated with subversion. But the link between a task and a subversion tree may not be one-to-one, and in practice often it isn't. 2) Integration with popular IDE Teamwork is web based, has no direct integration. Also we try not to make project management be micro management, so there has to be a great flexibility in the relationship between "ide activity" and project and work recording. Notice that Teamwork is not intended just for software houses, and indeed only 10% of its customers are software houses. 3) How could one extend your tool , using Java. Teamwork persistent classes are released on Sourceforge under GPL. Teamwork complete sources are available for free under NDA to all customers. The simplest extensions are by creating portlets for the dashboards.