News: JPPF 1.8 released, the Grid Computing platform for Java

  1. The JPPF Team brings major new features in version 1.8. JPPF is an open source Grid Computing platform written in Java that makes it easy to run applications in parallel, and speed up their execution. In this version: A new API enables users to run non-Java processes on the nodes JPPF is now integrated with GigaSpaces XAP Jobs and tasks can now be prioritized The configuration of a client connection pool is now easy and intuitive JPPF has many features: - a JPPF grid can be up and running in minutes - highly scalable, distributed framework for the execution of Java tasks - leverages JCA 1.8 to integrate with leading J2EE application servers - easy programming model that abstracts the complexity of distributed and parallel processing - graphical and programmatic tools for fine-grained monitoring and administration - fault-tolerance and self-repair capabilities ensure the highest level of service and reliability - a set of fully documented sample applications, demonstrating the use of JPPF on real-life problems - very flexible open-source licensing - and more .... Find more for yourself here: http://www.jppf.org/

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    Hi there, don't you mean compatible with JCA 1.5 or 1.6? I wasn't aware of a 1.8....
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    Hello Martijn,
    Hi there, don't you mean compatible with JCA 1.5 or 1.6? I wasn't aware of a 1.8....
    Oops! Indeed JCA 1.5 is what I meant. This is my mistake and I apologize for the confusion. Thanks for pointing this out! -Laurent
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    Laurent congrat on the new release! I looked at the JPPF/GigaSpaces integration and it looks quite comprehensive and well designed - well done! I'm going to play with it now... Nati S GigaSpaces
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    Hi Nati, Thanks for the kind words. I am looking forward to your feedback. -Laurent
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    Hi Laurent, Any plans to plug in Coherence? Peace, Cameron Purdy Oracle Coherence: Data Grid for Java, .NET and C++