News: BetFair Java API with Apache CXF, Spring and Maven

  1. One year ago I discovered BetFair betting exchange and I started writing automated betting tool in Java. Now I decided to describe it in my blog. The first post is about 'BetFair Java API with Apache CXF, Spring and Maven' - http://jessicalovesbetfair.blogspot.com Bye, Jessica
  2. cool, thanks![ Go to top ]

    I've got my wallet out and I'm looking forward to doing lots of betting with BetFair!!!
  3. If you are in the US, you might want to leave the wallet in your pocket: http://www.gambling-law-us.com/Federal-Laws/wire-act.htm
  4. Heya, I've also posted an intro to writing a client to the betfair API here: www.javacarver.com Uses Axis and just provides another approach to using the API. Hope it helps !